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Alireza Firouzja’s Greatest Chess Games

Alireza Firouzja is an Iranian chess grandmaster who, at the age of 16, is already being hailed as one of the greatest chess players of all time. Firouzja’s rise to the top of the chess world began in 2016, when he won the U14 World Youth Chess Championship. His success continued in 2018 when he won the Asian Junior Chess Championship, becoming the youngest ever champion. In 2019, Firouzja achieved his greatest victory yet, becoming the World Junior Chess Champion. He beat some of the world’s best players, including reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen, to win the title. Since then, Firouzja has gone on to play some of the most impressive and biooverview entertaining chess games in history. Here are some of his greatest games to date: • Firouzja vs. Carlsen, World Junior Champions (2019): In this game, Firouzja defeated the world’s best player, Magnus Carlsen, with a brilliant queen sacrifice. • Firouzja vs. Tari, Aarhus Grand Prix (2019): In this game, Firouzja defeated the former world junior champion, Aryan Tari, with a beautiful queen sacrifice. • Firouzja vs. Giri, Tata Steel Chess (2019): In this game, Firouzja defeated top-rated Dutch grandmaster Anish Giri with a brilliant knight sacrifice. • Firouzja vs. Vidit, FIDE World Cup (2019): In this game, Firouzja defeated the reigning Asian champion, Santosh Vidit, with a spectacular rook sacrifice. • Firouzja vs. Nepomniachtchi, World Blitz Championship (2019): In this game, Firouzja defeated the reigning world blitz champion, Ian Nepomniachtchi, with a daring and brilliant knight sacrifice. Alireza Firouzja has already achieved incredible success in the world of chess and is sure to continue to impress. His games are a testament to his skill and creativity and will be remembered for years to come.

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